100 Business Leaders and 30 Industry Experts

Unlimited Support and Guidance for your Business

3 quarterly Huddles and 1 two day Retreat


The Kent Business Hub™ is the ultimate support club for business leaders in Kent – a unique environment where every component of your business is challenged and benchmarked against industry best practice, where you can enjoy unlimited support from some of the industry’s most successful thought leaders and where business leaders work collaboratively to help each other improve performance, increase efficiencies and significantly grow profitability.

Members of The Kent Business Hub™ are serious about investing in the realisation of their strategic objectives. They want to be challenged, they want to exercise the real potential of their people and they want to outperform their competition.

The Kent Business Hub™ provides the support mechanism to make that happen.


“We are lucky to have this quality and calibre of help, support and knowledge on our doorstep in Kent.”

– Simon Hagger, CEO Shortbreaks Holiday Extras

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Membership of The Kent Business Hub™ is for 12 months

Membership gives you access to more than £25,000 worth of products and services for one single investment.

You will realise a minimum of 10 x multiple return for your investment.


For over 10 years we have advised, consulted with and trained literally hundreds of fast-growing businesses so we know what best practice looks like if you are trying to outperform the rest of the market and create significant shareholder value as a leader.

But we don’t know it all, so we have brought together some of the industry’s pre-eminent thought leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and advisors to impart their knowledge and experience to help your business achieve its full potential.

Working collaboratively alongside other leaders, as well as your advisory team, members of The Kent Business Hub™ meet once per quarter for a full day of training, consultancy, interactive facilitation and peer to peer support (known as Huddles) and then for an exclusive 2 day Retreat in a stunning environment in the heart of Kent.

In between the Huddles and the Retreat, members will receive a tailored programme of one to one support from our advisory team as well as access to an unparalleled suite of tools, data, products and services to allow you to remain focused on doing what you do best, leading.


We’d love to tell you more about the programme, how it all works, and answer any questions that you may have.


"It really is rare to come across a team of facilitators that can so effectively enthuse, engage and make such a positive difference to a wide cross-section of employees across a business."

Lloyds Bank

"They can work at every level, from senior leader to the front line team. What particularly works is the way they design solutions to fit with both the Goodwood Values and the specific challenges and opportunities faced at individual, team and organisational levels. I feel like we work in a real partnership with an open and honest relationship.”


"One of the best days I have ever had off the road. Worth every penny! This is something that will really make a difference to me, my customers and the business. Everyone should do it."

Greene King

"The content was inspiring and thought provoking and extremely well received by both SMEs and larger organisations. Their skill is explaining valuable techniques which are proven to make a real tangible difference to business owners. They are also a real pleasure to work with."


"We chose them because they took time out in the first instance to really understand our business, its people and its culture. This allowed them to really tailor a programme to the individuals in the team. The principal of experiential learning worked extremely well and allowed the team to practice their new found skills in their day to day roles. It was critical that who ever ran this programme with us became part of the team and they did just that."

Office Holdings