Who is the Kent Business Hub for?

The Kent Business Hub is for owners, leaders and senior managers of businesses in Kent.

Our members all have a very similar DNA in that they want to be challenged, they want to grow and they want to outperform the market (and they want to enjoy the journey).

Similarly, they must be able to add value to other members of the group and be willing to constructively challenge their peers and share best practice ideas.

How much does it cost to join the Kent Business Hub?

If you join as a single member, the investment is £4,950.  If you bring along a colleague, then you both receive a 15% discount for your membership.

We purposefully kept the investment low for what you get in return to make the programme as accessible as possible for Kent business leaders.

The real investment is actually the willingness to commit the time to the programme and the time to implement the new initiatives you pick up on the way.

At what stage does my business need to be at?

Members of Kent Business Hub vary in where they are up to in the different stages of their growth, some in the early stage start up phase and others gearing up to realise some form of commercial event.

We have carefully designed the programme to ensure that businesses at all levels will benefit equally from the content, the peers and the support team, whilst ensuring they are spending quality time with other business leaders at a similar level to them and therefore having meaningful and appropriate conversations.

What support do I get outside of the various days together over the 12 months?

The answer here is really as much or as little as you like!

We have an incredibly extensive support package that we have put together for all our members to access, that covers everything from free training courses, to downloadable content and documentation, to direct support from our advisory team, to our business toolkit, to exclusive partner discounts and much, much more.

We will be in touch with you continuously over the course of the programme to ensure that you have everything you need to grow and outperform the market, as well as to ensure that you are implementing your action plans from each session.

When can I join the Kent Business Hub?

You can join the Kent Business Hub at any stage.

We are currently signing up new members ready for the first Huddle in January 2017, though sill be taking new applications after this date and new members simply join onto the next Huddle.

To find out more, talk to one of the team on 0844 272 8990.